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Online stock brokers have consistently played an integral role in linking novice and experts traders to the largest markets where they can buy and sell assets and derivatives. At OnlineSharesBrokers, we appreciate the input by these brokerages in advancing online trading through the linkage of traders to low-cost stock trading platforms with beginner-friendly interfaces. Each month, we compare different stock trading brokers & accounts and crown a winner after contrasting the following five key metrics.

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Risk and Security
Does the broker protect its investors? What security and risk management measures are in place, and do they work?
Trading and non trading fees
What fees and other charges does the broker impose on share trades? Are they competitive?
Markets and products
The ideal broker should expose a trader to different exchanges and a large pool of shares and derivatives. What is the broker’s reach?
Technology and innovation
In a world driven by technology, how innovative is the broker? What trading, research, and education tools or resources do they offer?
Regulation and licensing
Is the broker regulated? Are they licensed to offer all the shares and derivatives provided on their platform?

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OnlineSharesBrokers is a leading comparative review website for online trading brokers & share dealing brokerages. We are well on a path to establishing the largest and most comprehensive online database for stock brokerages. In here, we provide you side-by-side comparison reviews of all the highly acclaimed trading platforms in a bid to help ease the decision on the best place to invest online.

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